28 de junio de 2010


Love your style, Vanessa, you're always perfect. You don't risk much, that's why you find amazing outfits whether it's for a party or daily walks through the city.

PD: I came back from the beach! I had fun, i'm tanned and ready for this new week that is just starting. I took a lot of photos
,some of them are amazing... especially the ones of the sunsets. I'll upload them later.



24 de junio de 2010


Lefties T-shirt and shorts, Primark headband, Marypaz boots (it's a spanish shop).

So...summer is here. Tomorrow i'm going to the beach with some girlfriends, and we're staying in a friend's house until Monday.
I love summer...to feel the breeze while you're hearing the ocean waves crashing against the old grey rocks that delineate the beach...it's the most amazing thing for me.

I have to pack my things. So bye for now.



23 de junio de 2010

2:32 AM

H&M rings and Lefties T-shirt.

Today was crazy. We (my class and I...oh, and the guests of course) had a party celebrating the end of the school year...I thought it was going to be normal, as any other party...but I was so wrong.
Everything was all right, until a friend came to me saying a girl passed out...she had an alcoholic coma. Then, an hour later, another girl fainted. And minutes later I saw everyone running because "the police was coming".
Jeez, can't I have a normal night with my friends? And when you look backwards it's kinda funny and everything.
I'm sure tonight I won't sleep at all.


22 de junio de 2010


I'm a 17 years old chilean student living in Spain since 2007. You can call me Ber. 

I'm the second one of my two sister and brother, I love cinema, and I've always had animals which run away from home or die at some fight.

I love fashion, I think is something that will always have a lot of potential through the years because it is always transforming and updating according to every new time that comes. So we can say it's kind of immortal.

I love reading books and magazines ( Elle, of course!) and I spend my time drawing outfit sketches during math classes.

Well, I think that is part of ALL I want to say, the rest will be posted in the next days!

kisses. Ber.