20 de septiembre de 2010


Zara shirt, Bershka belt, some random store skirt and vintage purse.

Being new at school again is so frustating... but i'm so glad all the people are so kind to me. It makes the things wayyyyy easier.

It's only Monday and I'm already waiting for Friday...I just love them...hangin' out with my friends it's one of the things I love the most.

Bye. see ya.



9 de septiembre de 2010


I hate the previous days to school, because you have the feeling that you didn't do anything this summer, that you lost a lot of days and you could have done more.
I have a mixture of dissatisfaction and total joy... adding to this the melancholy of missing someone so much.
I hope this year to be a very good one. New school, new people, new teachers, new books...

Oh and I forgot to tell you all, that I went to Granada... what a beautiful city, but walking through the Alhambra almost killed me.

That's all for today :).


2 de septiembre de 2010


Just two weeks to come back to school.